Let "million test" become synonymous with the testing machine industry

So that "wance" has become synonymous with the testing machine industry


First of all, thank our customers for their consistent support over the years, and also thank all employees for their contribution to the rapid development of Wantest, but also thank friends from all walks of life for the development of Wantest!


Since 1987, I have not known what the testing machine is, entered the testing machine industry, after 31 years, I found that the testing machine industry is still charming, still can let people show their skills in the industry, still love, then determined to work in the testing machine industry for a lifetime。


The company is still young,However, most of the company's employees have more than 5 years or even more than 10 years of rich industry experience,After rapid development,Wan-test has become the technical representative enterprise of China's testing machine industry,And domestic well-known testing machine manufacturers,The company's overall scale and comprehensive strength in the domestic testing machine industry by leaps and bounds。


People-oriented, to create and build a platform for employees to show their talents, is my natural duty and Wanyi。The larger the platform is built, the more the talents of employees can be fully played and blossomed。We hope that every employee can be developed on the platform of Wantest, and the work of Wantest can be cultivated not only as a job, but also as a career. Let employees and Wantest develop together, which is our consistent insistence。


The various material testing equipment developed by the company plays a huge role in the field of research and development, quality analysis and quality control, creating due value for customers and winning customer recognition and praise。A large number of enterprises such as Whampoa Shipbuilding, Baosteel and Panzhihua Steel have become the pride of Wanyi because of the high-quality testing machines we provide。


The company actively expand overseas business, has established a marketing network in Malaysia, Iran, Argentina, Vietnam, Italy, India, Australia and other countries, products have been exported to the international market, has been recognized and praised by overseas customers。


The company is committed to the research and development of material testing technology and the development and innovation of testing machine products. The successful development of a large number of scientific research projects such as the third generation pendulum impact testing machine, automatic extensometer, residual deformation measuring device, etc., all mark the technical platform of Wanyi is becoming more and more perfect and more innovative。


The company introduced ERP system and implemented modern enterprise management system,Perfect and perfect all staff post responsibility system and all staff performance appraisal system,More than two-thirds of the employees own shares in the company,It has realized the shareholding system of all employees,Let every employee become the master of the test,Let every employee find a sense of belonging。Enterprise management system and full of human nature of the corporate culture complement each other, enterprise employees have always burst with vitality, forge ahead in the spirit of light everywhere inside and outside。


In line with the business philosophy of employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, lead the enterprise to develop in a positive and correct direction, and the driving force to promote the enterprise is to serve employees and customers. The pursuit of employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction is the driving force for the eternal development of the company, and it is also the goal of my personal life。


By fully meeting the needs of users, firmly establish the brand of "WANCE" in the testing machine industry, let "Wantest" become synonymous with the testing machine industry, and become an outstanding representative of China's testing machine industry, is the wish of all Wantest people, but also the common ideal of all Wantest people!