• Clamping fixture

    The clamping fixture can hold the sample easily and efficiently. When holding the sample, the sample can be inserted from the side and the clamping force can be applied quickly.When clamping the sample, the tension axis and the clamping specific coaxial line。

  • Winding fixture

    The winding and drawing fixture is used to clamp the specimen through the jaws,Each fixture comprises a pair of semi-circular upper clamping block and a lower clamping block;The sample comes out of the jaws before the test and is wound around the upward clamp and then around the downward clamp,The upper clamping block is fixed part does not move,The lower clamp is removable,In the process of force gradually clamping to the middle;The circular clamps are designed to distribute the load on the specimen and prevent stress concentration,It can effectively avoid damage to the sample at the jaws or the top of the arc。

  • Lever clamp

    The lever clamp adopts the lever spring structure, which can be self-locking clamping. The lever makes the action faster and reduces the time required for holding the sample.The spring tension provides an anti-slip clamping force, which can hold the specimen until the end of loading。

  • Bending fixture

    A variety of bending and fracture toughness tests are available for bending fixtures,Including the measurement of bending modulus, bending strength and bending yield strength;Easy to install,The fixture includes an upper anvil and a lower anvil,Position adjustment is possible,To adapt to the needs of different spans of samples;The deflection of the sample can be realized by cross head displacement measurement or external deformation measurement device。

  • Compression fixture

    Axial rigid design, suitable for high hardness sample test, with spherical automatic leveling, easy installation;Concentric ring plane design, uniform load distribution, high corrosion resistance, to ensure that the pressure plate will not corrode under various conditions of use;This fixture is suitable for metal compression testing。

  • Pneumatic clamping fixture

    The clamp adopts single-sided pneumatic clamping, and the clamping force value is amplified by a lever, which makes the clamping convenient and reliable.The clamp realizes the clamping/loosening operation of the sample through the manual valve, and the clamping speed can be adjusted by adjusting the speed regulating valve.This fixture is suitable for tensile test of non-metallic material samples such as waterproof coil and textile cloth。

  • Wedge clamp

    Wedge clamping design, easy to load, align and position the sample;After initial contact with the specimen, the clamping force increases with the increase of the test load, making the fixture particularly suitable for testing high-strength materials such as metals and composites to ensure the elimination of specimen slip。

  • Hydraulic wedge clamp

    Wedge hydraulic jig is a general type of tension jig, can be changed clamping block, to meet a variety of samples。

  • Hydraulic flat push fixture

    This fixture is a general stretching fixture。Replaceable clamping block to meet a variety of samples。Tension, zero crossing/reverse stress, fatigue tests are available。