Ensure that each testing machine can work properly

For customers, the equipment put into use is actually a good start, how to ensure long-term peace of mind in the future is the focus。

In view of this,Wanyi company has established a perfect after-sales service system,The Customer Service Department is responsible for the operation of after-sales service,The Quality Department is responsible for the integration of unsatisfactory information and the tracking of corrective actions,The Engineering Department is responsible for assisting after-sales service operations and the formulation and implementation of corrective actions,The General Manager is responsible for providing resources and coordinating inter-departmental operations。

Solution of customer problems if no on-site service is required, the solution is provided by the customer, and the customer can not handle it, and the service engineer is sent to solve the problem。

After the on-site service is completed, the service engineer must be signed by the customer for acceptance. The customer service department will take the initiative to ask the customer's satisfaction level one week after the customer acceptance. If the customer is not satisfied, the service will be arranged again until the customer is satisfied。

The development and implementation of all service measures are only to ensure that customers of the testing machine choose comfort, buy peace of mind, and use peace of mind。

Field service

It builds rugged and usable test solutions, but constant movement and the forces applied to the specimens eventually damage them。Our field service engineers will provide support or repair quickly and efficiently upon your request。It can also help with the installation or movement of laboratory equipment。Our service team can help you properly disassemble the machine and pack it for shipping and installation in a new location。


The test training program is designed to improve operator efficiency and optimize system performance。Expertly guided and fully customizable, the course offers hands-on instruction to ensure your staff are thoroughly familiar with your test system and understand how to operate it effectively。In addition to a large number of standard courses, we can customize courses to meet your specific laboratory needs and can provide training in our training centers or at your workplace。

Calibration and correction

All test laboratories must calibrate their test equipment to help ensure accurate data, and we offer good quality unofficial calibration services。We can complete the calibration at your location, or at our factory。We also offer a range of services, including load frame calibration services, designed to keep data variance to a minimum。

Maintenance and monitoring

Ensuring that equipment is operating at full capacity and that test projects are completed on time without interruption is an important aspect of test laboratory management。Based on many years of service experience, we have a comprehensive set of daily maintenance products customized for specific systems and components to help extend the service life of your equipment and give you confidence in the operation of your equipment。

Upgrade solution

As technology improves, equipment upgrades are often an economical way to expand your laboratory capabilities and extend the life of your existing test equipment。It offers upgrades and replacements for your test systems: mechanical components, controllers and software。The software standard function upgrade service is free of charge during the warranty period。